Mintago Raises £1 Million in Pre-Seed Fundraise

London-based pensions disruptor Mintago raises £1 Million in Pre-Seed round led by Truesight Ventures and UFP Fintech.  

Mintago, a London-based pensions and well-being disruptor, has secured pre-seed funding of £1 Million. 

Led by VC Firms TrueSight Ventures, UFP Fintech and US-based fund Figure Eight Investments, Mintago’s recent raise will champion employee financial well-being on a global scale. Mintago’s core value proposition, in tandem with the company’s first-mover stake in a growing market segment, caught the attention of multiple angel investors – among them the founders of DesignMyNight and LoveFilm. 

Mintago CEO Chieu Cao (Co-Founder of Perkbox) and Non-Executive Director Giles Elliot collaborated with investors to secure funding that will meet the needs of a more financially aware society. Looking to support users within professional and personal avenues, Mintago safeguards its client base by providing clearer insight into pension management. 

This fundraise, supported by funds and executives hailing from successful entrepreneurial pedigrees, will enable Mintago to fulfil its chief ethos: to help businesses and employees save thousands through digitised pension management. 

Mintago: Digitising Financial Health and Employee Well-Being

In the context of the current economic climate, Mintago’s successful pre-seed raise speaks to the need for more efficient approaches to financial security and control. 

After global stock markets took a big hit due to the pandemic, many employees saw a devastating impact on their pensions and investments. While this serves to remind that pension and investment management is a lifelong endeavour, Mintago’s platform ensures that financial well-being is secured here, and now. 

In founding Mintago, CEO Ben Chieu Cao has worked with his team to create a first-in-market opportunity to disrupt the pension space. According to Chieu and the team, the platform harnesses the need to focus on pensions – an aspect of everyone’s livelihood that is often misunderstood or overlooked. As a platform that digitises pension optimisation, consolidation and financial insights for employees, Mintago uses technology to support everyone’s pursuit of security, education and well-being. 

Chieu Cao is ‘delighted’ that the round will ensure that Mintago continues to meet the unique needs of employers and employees; especially as corporations navigate uncertain financial futures and circumstances to come: 

“We are delighted to have the support of such great investors and the opportunity to disrupt pension space in a positive way. We want to help business owners and their employees reimagine and improve their relationship with their pensions. By balancing the commercial needs of employers and the personal needs of employees, we’ve created a unique solution that is readily accepted and is solving the needs for everyone.”

Through Mintago, Chieu and the team have enabled employees to engage more intelligently with their pensions. By harnessing next-generation technology, Mintago fosters a sense of support, security and commitment throughout its platform offering and education library. The sense of community instilled through every aspect of the Mintago experience has done wonders for providing each user with a sense of financial autonomy and control.  

Looking to the Future with Mintago

Mintago’s recent raise heralds in a call for innovating now businesses secure financial security and control for their employees. 

“We are in a good position to continue executing our vision of being the go-to pension platform of choice for employers. With us having gone live at the start of the year, we are keen to push forward with the resources we have to accelerate what we have been doing. Very fortunate to have the calibre of investors supporting us with their expertise, experience and network.”

Mintago will use the funding to accelerate its digitised pension management strategy, combining the latest technology with its global network. For the first time, users will be able to create direct savings on monthly National Insurance payments, find lost pensions and manage their pension contributions with ease. 

The Mintago team will continue building on product development and expanding its sales and marketing pursuits to support this endeavour. 

About Mintago

Mintago is a pension well-being tech platform that employers and employees use to save thousands and to improve their financial health. No effort. No disruption. Seamless. For the employer, it creates direct savings on monthly (National Insurance) NI payments via its unique salary sacrifice pension upgrade program.

For the employee, the pension well-being is a unique platform that helps them find lost pensions quickly, manage their pension contributions and understand their situation with the education library. When employees increase their pension contributions, the employers further save on NI, so there’s a clear ROI for businesses.

Our offering and how our tech delivers it makes us the first in the market to do what we do. It is significant savings made extremely easy for our users. We’ve already saved hundreds of thousands for businesses that use Mintago.