Put purpose in your employee's pay

Mintago helps employees plan, save and spend money on what matters to them. Oh, and we'll help your business see direct cost-savings too from the first month.

Mintago turns financial goals into reality

COVID-19 has
changed the world

If you want your employees to thrive even in turbulent times, they need a financial wellbeing solution that they can trust, and keep on trusting.

We work with business leaders to provide their teams with the best

a no-brainer

Business savings for you from month 1

A happier, more engaged workforce with more money in their pockets to achieve their goals

Relieve financial stress and improve the mental health of your workforce

Value for business
Staff love Mintago as it puts them in control

And your employees will love us

Mintago is a platform that gives employees control over their finances, regardless of their demographic or existing financial status.

Understand their unique starting points

Plan for their futures

Achieve their goals

Value for employees

Our solution is uniquely designed with you, and your team, at its centre.

Case study from Lewis on using it to support other wellbeing initiatives

Lewis Honney


Never swayed by the noise, we focus on you and what your business and employees really need.


Everything we do is to make either you or your employees financially healthier.


Current solutions just aren't working, We believe a community and technology-led approach is required.

Securely connect the whole financial picture

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We make your business and employees
financially healthier and happier.


Never swayed by the noise, we focus on what your business and employees really need. We stay clear from conflicts of interest and we ensure you have the control, today and tomorrow.


We understand privacy and confidentiality is a real concern - everything we do is safely encrypted and licensed on our platform.


Current solutions just aren't working, we believe an easy-to-use, community and technology-led approach is the future.