Cost of living crisis disproportionately affecting women, report finds

Mintago and CEO, Chieu Cao, have been featured in The Express in an article showcasing Mintago’s latest research. The research has revealed that women are bearing the emotional and financial brunt of the cost of living crisis. 

Women are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with record levels of inflation combined with rising energy and food costs. This is partly because many women work in sectors such as retail and hospitality, which have been impacted greatly by consumers having to reign in spending. Whilst 81% of women surveyed are prioritising immediate financial commitments such as mortgage payments or utility bills ahead of long-term goals, only 64% of men agreed. 

Read the complete article to discover further evidence of the struggles of women in the current financial climate, and what Mintago’s Founder and CEO, Chieu Cao, has to say on the matter.