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What does your money personality say about you?

Discover your money personality and learn how to improve your money habits.
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Getting to grips with your money personality can help you understand what money means to you and how your personal values play a role in decision-making, when it comes to our finances. While our characteristics tend to place us more firmly in one category than another, we may recognise parts of ourselves in each of these money personalities. We’re complex creatures after all.

To discover your money personality - take the Mintago quiz! Simply click the link here and follow the steps.

Here, we take a deeper look at the different money personality types, how they shape the role money takes in our lives and ultimately affect the financial decisions we make - for better or for worse. Learning more about how our personal characteristics can influence our relationship with money is an important lesson in self-discovery and can help us take back the reins when it comes to our financial wellbeing.

Self-awareness is a powerful tool and gives us a clearer understanding of the steps we can take to master our relationship with money and take us one step closer to financial wellness. Research shows that our attitude to money can be broken down into four different types - find out more below: 

1. The Peacock

To you, money is status. A good measure of what people have achieved in their life is the amount they earn and what items they have.

Ambition, drive, high standards - you like to live life in the fast lane - your image and how people perceive you is very important.  You get instant gratification from purchasing new items and can’t wait to show them off on Instagram. Some would say you have a penchant for designer labels and like to update your gadgets each year, so you always have the latest model. Of course ambition is great and everyone likes and should treat themselves on occasion, however you may find that you are not always in a position to financially support this lifestyle.  

What can I do? 
Focus on improving your budgeting skills and sticking to it! Avoid putting too much pressure on yourself to “keep up with the Joneses” and think about the small changes you can make to increase your financial security.

2. The Eagle

To you, money means freedom. The ability to stand on your own two feet, you see money as something that helps you do the things you love.

Carefree, adventurous, a thrill seeker - you like to live life to the full! As the free spirit in your friendship group - you are always seeking to escape from the mundane, daily routine - whether it's an evening at the theatre, road trip or an expedition to the other side of the world - you’re there. You tend to reject money and materialism in favour of experiences and relationships. Life’s too short after all! 

Whilst being happy-go-lucky is great - you might be a little impulsive when it comes to managing your money as you often have a strong desire for a quick escape. Consequently, bigger, long term investment purchases such as getting on the property ladder, never quite seem within your reach. You may also have avoidance issues when it comes to dealing with your finances.

What can I do?
Think about what alternative options you have to make your money work harder for you. You should seek unbiased financial education to make sure you’re financially savvy when it comes to managing your finances.

3. The Dolphin 

To you, money is love. A way of showing your affection and gaining emotional closeness with others. This may be through buying gifts or organising parties for friends and family.

Caring, generous, empathetic - you like to share your wealth. Whether that be a lavish birthday gift or a sentimental souvenir - giving is what makes you feel good. You’re always getting the rounds in at the pub and sneaking off to pay the bill at the restaurant before the check comes. You love to put your money towards experiences with loved ones and may find it hard to say “no”. Being kind with your money is wonderful for many reasons, but it does mean you can neglect yourself and spend a little too much on parties and treats for others. Given you are a generous sharer, you may struggle to save money for the future.

What can I do?
It can be helpful to start setting up monthly goals and budgets or perhaps setting money aside each month if you want to make a big purchase for a loved one. Financial planning is key and will prevent you from getting into too much debt.

4. The Squirrel

To you, money is security. You see the importance in being prepared for the unexpected and  having savings for that rainy day. 

Cautious, organised, forward thinking - fail to prepare, prepare to fail is your mantra! You want to make sure “future you” is taken care of. You’re ahead of the game when it comes to finding the best deals - you love to shop around. Bills due at the end of the month? You know what’s coming (it’s all in a colour-coded spreadsheet, of course!). Although you’re great at nestling your money together and putting away savings - you’re already doing a great job - you might be so risk averse that you don’t invest any of those savings or grow it. Such behaviours can result in never reaping the benefits of compound interest or achieving long term financial goals.

What can I do?
Playing risk with those hard earned savings can be a challenging concept to get your head around - but you don’t want to miss out on growth opportunities. It can be helpful to digest unbiased financial education and resources to help teach you how to invest or how to achieve more with your savings. Focus on secure investment schemes at first, to test the water.

Exploring different money personalities can give us a deeper understanding of the importance of emotions when it comes to the role money takes in our lives. We hope that taking a closer look at the values that influence this relationship has made you feel one step closer to enlightenment.

Self-awareness is an important part of our journey to money wellness; understanding how we interact with money is the first step to building a healthier relationship with our finances. We can all learn from each other, and you might even find you want to strive to become a little bit more of a squirrel or an eagle. At Mintago, we want to encourage you to take control of your money mindset and feel empowered to create healthier financial habits.

Don't forget! If you haven’t taken our quiz yet, you can find out here what your money personality is (it takes just 30 seconds!) and take the first step towards money wellness. 

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