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Money - Can you feel it?

Money is commonly viewed simply as a functional part of life - in reality it's so much more. But how are our emotions linked to our relationship with money?

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Is saving money a silver lining of the pandemic? 

Although we are all being faced with challenges on a scale never seen before, for some this period has been a welcome opportunity to boost savings.

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Boosting savings during lockdown

UK household spending has dropped dramatically - what does this mean for personal savings?

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What does your money personality say about you?

Discover your money personality and learn how to improve your money habits.

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Kick-start your journey to money mindfulness

Facing up to your finances can be tricky but small changes can make a really big difference.

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Money: It’s cool to be kind

Kindness is the focus for this year's mental health awareness week - how does this link to our relationship with money?

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How to talk about money and reduce the stigma

In a society that traditionally stigmatises talking about money - how can we learn to be more open?

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Money on the mind: the link between money and mental health

A look into the link between money and mental health.

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