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Perkbox founder Cao’s 2020 vision: Financial wellness

Perkbox founder, Chieu Cao, launches new tech venture to solve the working world’s most pressing issue: financial wellness.

Photo credit: Forbes

Perkbox co-founder, Chieu Cao, announces November launch of UK-based fintech startup Mintago, on a mission to help employees live financially healthier lives.

59% of the UK workforce say finances are their biggest cause of stress, while businesses lose a staggering £1,250 a year for every financially stressed employee. Mintago promises to kill two birds with one stone: easing financial stress for employees, while helping businesses improve performance through productivity. 

Chieu Cao, Founder of Mintago, comments: “In the most part, today’s leaders know the key to business success is enabling employees to lead fulfilling lives – both professionally and personally. But economic environments of late have led many of us to take an eye off the ball.  

“Regardless of socio-economic status, huge swathes of the country are living paycheck to paycheck. We’re struggling to make ends meet or running out of money before the month’s out. Meanwhile house prices are soaring and unscrupulous payday loan brokers are thriving. 

“Mintago was designed to help employees earn, spend and save better. The technology was designed to seamlessly integrate into people's lives, helping them to discover opportunities to save habitually. When people aren’t worrying about money, they can focus on doing what they love.”

The subscription-based software lives on both desktop and mobile app. Based on four pillars of financial support – immediate financial help, variable costs of living, long-term savings, and just-in-time education – Mintago was designed to provide end-to-end financial support. 

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