Remote working- Embracing technology for wellbeing

Many companies have successfully adapted to remote working to keep their businesses in motion throughout the pandemic. This time has also highlighted to HR teams the importance of integrating wellbeing solutions into this new working practice, to ensure that employees are supported in the best way possible to help maintain good mental, physical and financial health.

Embracing innovative technologies to help maintain good communication within a remote workforce has helped overcome the initial challenges that came with working from home – whether that be through virtual chats, breaks and shoutouts or using online workspaces to brainstorm and share documentation. Technology can be extended to address employee  wellbeing too.

Since mental, physical and financial health are all interrelated, online wellbeing programmes should be carried out holistically. Here we explore the variety of creative web based options designed to support teams in their newfound working environment:

Mental Wellbeing

As the rise in mental health awareness continues, employees should be able to open up and ask for emotional support from HR and management when they need it. Workplace mental health first aiders have become more common, and these resources are available in a remote capacity.  Equally, enlisting the help of mental health experts, who offer online support, in addition to integrating web based mental health platforms will encourage employees to talk about whatever is troubling them; whether it is stress, money worries or personal life matters. Implementing mental health and wellbeing solutions to HR programmes will help employees perform their jobs to their best ability, knowing they have the support from their employer.

Offering flexible hours to employees is another key area where employers can help to alleviate their staff’s stress and anxiety – and remote working makes this possible. People can start earlier or later depending what works best around their own schedule. The knock-on effect for people is a better work-life balance.

Physical Wellbeing

Many companies have already incorporated online fitness classes into their wellbeing programmes for their employees so that they can keep fit while working at home – yoga, personal training, HIIT classes – there’s something for everyone. Equally, having access to professional nutritional advice in the form of planners and easy-to-do recipes will empower people to have a better balanced diet which will boost physical wellbeing.

Financial Wellbeing

In light of the pandemic, many companies are recognising that looking after their employees’ financial wellbeing is just as important as their mental and physical health, and will consequently help their businesses to grow. But to have an effective financial wellbeing strategy in place, means employers need to understand their employees’ needs. Millennials in companies will not have the same needs as their older counterparts, who will be more concerned about putting money aside for their pension pot than saving for a mortgage. Unbiased financial education platforms, such as Mintago, are available for employees to help them learn how to handle their finances according to their own specific financial goals.