A Brand-new Start for Mintago

New brand announcement

Exciting news – Mintago has a brand-new look! We are thrilled to announce this milestone in our mission to provide financial wellbeing for all.

Mintago is the most comprehensive and inclusive employee financial wellbeing solution in the UK, and our new branding has been carefully designed to help us connect even more closely with our customers. We are driven by a desire to deliver the best financial results, and with this rebranding, we hope to humanise our brand further and empower people from all economic backgrounds to achieve their financial goals.

Clarity is key

We believe in taking the complexity out of finance. Whether it’s pensions, savings, employee benefits or the wider financial landscape, we champion clarity in all we do. Our products and services are designed to be accessible and straightforward, to ensure that everyone feels confident using them. 

This ethos is now embodied in our new branding. The clear, distinctive design and professional colour palette of our new look goes beyond a mere facelift, but reflects our modern, no-nonsense approach to finance.

Arrow and North Star

Our new brand icons – Arrow and North Star – were also created as a clear visual representation of points on our users’ financial journeys, with Arrow signifying the start and North Star encapsulating the ultimate goal. We are also introducing our first two characters – Dart and Dot – to embody these icons and clearly communicate our accessible approach to finance.

“We are very excited to launch our new brand as it’s a great reflection of our values and commitment to what we strive to do for our customers and community. We love having Dart and Dot as brand ambassadors to help guide our users along their journey”.

Chieu Cao, CEO and Founder of Mintago,

Financial freedom starts here

We can confidently state that ‘Financial freedom starts here’, our new company maxim, as we guide our users on their personal finance journeys, to achieve their individual goals. With an all-encompassing suite of innovative benefits, services and tools, we provide the means for your employees to take control of their finances. And our user-friendly solution enables you to offer the comprehensive financial wellbeing support your staff need, while you focus on running your business.

The all-in-one solution

To celebrate this new branding, we are also unveiling a whole new suite of fantastic employee benefits which will now be available through the Mintago platform, including our innovative grocery salary sacrifice scheme. This alone could help your employees save up to 12% off the price of their weekly shop. Our financial wellbeing solution is an all-in-one hub that enables you to offer first-class resources in one place to your staff, without the need to source multiple different solutions. So, you get a fully integrated, timesaving system, while your employees get a top-quality service.

An exciting new journey

We look forward to embarking on this exciting new financial wellbeing journey with you – now, in the new year and beyond.