Celebrating a security milestone: Mintago achieves ISO27001 accreditation

At Mintago we recognise that financial data is sensitive and private, and we’re committed to protecting it. As part of our commitment, we’re happy to announce that we’re now ISO27001:2022 certified. 

ISO27001 is recognised globally as the gold standard for information security. This accreditation means that Mintago has implemented a robust framework of policies and procedures that ensure data integrity, confidentiality, and availability. Our clients can rest assured knowing that we adhere to the strictest standards of data security, minimising risks and safeguarding sensitive information.

But our journey does not stop here. Security is a constant effort of improvement and discovery, and it is something that we have an ongoing commitment to. Soon, we will be releasing our refreshed employee dashboard, with security enhancements built into it. As we refresh the whole Mintago product this year, we do so with security top of mind, making sure we’re always improving.

We aim to provide a safe, reliable platform for employees to access financial tools and resources and we are proud to share this achievement with our clients, partners and the wider financial wellbeing community. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and lead the way in employee financial wellbeing.

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