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All employees are different. Our financial experts have crafted rewarding Financial Journeys that help employees save money and achieve their financial goals.

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Financial wellbeing

The problem

A wonderfully diverse workforce has different needs

No two employees are the same and trying to support each and every team member is hard. One size doesn't fit all and point solutions only help a subset of your staff.

Diverse staff in office environment

We've got you covered

We bring together your benefits, best in class partners and unbiased financial training to help your employees - wherever they are on their financial journey.

Save on essentials

Tips and tricks to stop spending so much on bills

Earn more money

Ways to make more money with the things that you have today

Boost your credit score

Get in the lenders good books with these tips

Get financial security

Build up a buffer and protect those you love

Your dream retirement

Your pots, options and more

Debt free you

Help you clear your debt. Once and for all

Your first home

Simplifying what you need to do to get to your first home

Grow your money

Demystifying investing to make your money work harder

Promote your benefits package

Add your existing benefits to these journeys to help boost awareness and understanding of what you have on offer

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Future proof your financial wellbeing

Our financial experts are constantly on the look out for new partners and content that helps your employees

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How Journeys work

What Journeys consist of

"Had a bit of a rampage through [Mintago] and it got me inspired. I have finally gone through all my personal budgeting and know my committed spend and how much I can set aside each month to look at investments / Saving for buying a house etc (which i was a bit more clueless about than i first realised)"


Employee at R&D tax credit company

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