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A wellbeing solution your Finance Team can't say no to.

Mintago: your trusted partner.

Business savings for you from month 1

Direct (yes direct), measurable bottom line impact

Tired of benefits with low uptake? It isn't just wasted subscriptions, the 95% of millennials that are underfunding their pension actually cost you money every month they are doing so.

Our unique system facilitates and incentivises your employees to pay the right amount into their pensions, reducing the NI you pay.

With an average salary of £28,000, you could be saving £270 per employee per year in national insurance costs. All the while helping your employees set themselves up for their future.

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"None of us have a magic money tree! In order to justify introducing our Financial Wellness programme we pledged to drive up salary sacrifice savings across the company. By doing this we have more than offset the cost."

Finance Director, Media Company

Real money in your employee's pockets

Remaining unbiased isn't just a marketing slogan. We always act in the interest of your employees and put the money where our mouth is.

We partner with the best in the business but want your employees to have more.

If an employee switches their insurance, mortgage, utility etc. supplier with one of our trusted partners, we will pass that commission onto your employees.

It's important to us to create a safe, trusted space where your employees don't feel like they are being sold to.

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"Financial Education for employees is growing in popularity as it improves Financial Wellbeing and helps take the stress out of managing money. It can also improve physical and psychological wellbeing too."

Human Resources Director, Energy Company

End financial stress

59% of employees say their finances are their biggest cause of stress, but this doesn't mean they are stressed about the same thing. Help you employees regardless of their situation, and reap the benefits! 

When employees feel better about their money and are less stressed, their employers benefit too.

Reduced absenteeism and increased productivity are the result, not to mention the benefit of having happy staff.

Deloitte estimates that wellbeing interventions combatting stress have a 5x ROI (and this doesn’t even include the national insurance savings!).

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Simple for your employees, effortless for you

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No stress onboarding process

Your dedicated account manager is at your beck and call to sort everything out for you.

Quarterly business reviews

To update you on the wellbeing of your staff.

Fully GDPR compliant

Security and regulatory documentation can be provided.

Tailored masterclasses

To help your team with whatever they need most.

Here for your employees

Whether for a quick chat or a technical solution, we've got their backs.

Constantly innovating

And improving how we do things. We want to make your life as easy as possible.

A simple three step approach to financial health

Understand your starting point

A single real-time view of all accounts, including pensions, shares and investments, as well as an extensive content library of over 800 unbiased financial education resources

Plan for the future

Understand whether you are saving enough into the right accounts, putting you on the right track towards achieving your life goals: be that retirement or your first home.

Achieve your goals

We can’t have it all. Mintago empowers employees with the tools to make informed trade-offs about what to do with their money, so that they know how to handle the big decisions in their lives

Yes we save you money and yes we solve the largest cause of your employee stress, their finances.

But the thing we are most proud of is that employees love us!

We have a 69% employee engagement rate...

Find out why

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Poor financial wellbeing is a leading cause of stress, yet employers struggle to understand and measure this. We provide an online and anonymous employee assessment which allows us to create an effective financial wellbeing strategy and program based on the findings of each report.

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