Help us improve financial health across society

Our mission: to help employees become financially happier and healthier

Financial health.
Interconnected with physical and mental health, but often ignored

Holistic support of employee wellbeing rests on three key pillars: mental, physical and financial.

Financial stress, the numbers

Financial wellbeing: a huge, unsolved problem - and one that costs employers

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employees say finances are the largest cause of stress
people in the EU with no savings
people in the UK use their overdraft
employees say money has impacted them at work
would look for a new job if financial position didn't improve
cost to a company of a financially stressed employee

A problem that needs to be solved responsibly and ethically

Solving the financial stress problem relies on a savings focused system that is:

Unbiased & unconflicted

Always act in the interest of the employee. No skewed incentives


Proactively caters to the needs of your entire workforce, with tools and education to help employees, whatever their financial position


From salary to savings goals, the best decisions are made with all the information

Trust in our technology, trust in our intent

When you and your employees succeed, we succeed.


Mintago is a regulated financial institution. We really value our users data security and privacy (read our privacy policy for more info).

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We have designed Mintago to not rely on any third party products. We are also free for employees.

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