Financially empower your employees

One solution to put all of your employees in control of their financial future

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Help employees understand their world with best-in-classs unbiased financial education

Quality, unbiased financial education, written by experts, with the sole purpose of empowering your team

Comprehensive: With over 800 tips, guides and articles written by experts all your employees will be able to benefit

Just in time: Delivered across multiple channels to help employees make sense of changes to their world

Personal: Fully customisable to specific employees needs, dreams and lifestyle

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Easy-to-action savings tools to help employees achieve their financial dreams and goals

Putting money aside is just fine, but doing it for something meaningful is fun. Mintago helps employees live a future with less financial stress

Help employees pay their future self first

Watch employees effortlessly build up a pot

Set and achieve future financial goals in an engaging way

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Smart financial assistant

Mintago creates a single view of all accounts & identifies potential areas where employees can save

A single view of finances, so employees know their financial health at all points in time

Trusted, unconflicted set of partners seamlessly connected into a single platform

From pensions to savings, we will help employees find the best solutions for their needs

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