Financial wellbeing through smart savings

Mintago empowers employees at all stages of financial health and savings ability to find smart ways to save.

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Responsible, free earned salary access

Every opportunity to access earned salary is a great embedded opportunity to save.

It's completely free. Your employees taking payday loans, paying high overdraft or credit card fees is a thing of the past

Fits into current systems: no need to change any bank or payroll system

Set limits and controls to ensure responsible access

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Smartly put money aside

Putting money aside is just fine, but doing for something meaningful is fun. Mintago helps employees live a future with less financial stress

Help employees pay they future self first

Watch employees effortlessly build up a pot

Set and achieve future financial goals in an engaging way

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Smart financial assistant

Mintago creates a single view of all accounts & identifies potential areas where employees can save

A single view of finances, so employees know their financial health at all points in time

Just in time education can effectively improve financial capability

Unbiased, trusted and jargon-free product recommendations that makes your employees feel comfortable making financial decision

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Seamlessly fits into all of your systems

No integrations, no system or process changes, just more engaged employees

Seamlessly fit into 100% of payroll providers

No costly or long integrations, we can get you up and running in under a day

We will help you prepare your staff to talk about money with each other

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